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How to buy cryptocurrency

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or any other popular or new cryptocurrency there can be dozens of questions such as how to choose the right crypto, where to buy it and how to store it. Here we will try to answer all these important questions.


Before you buy your first coin, you should decide where you will store you cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of wallets designed both for Bitcoin alone and for different altcoins. You can choose the right wallet following recommendations via link. After you have chosen a wallet, registered and/or downloaded it you may proceed to the process of buying.


Most of the cryptocurrencies are most easily bought for Bitcoin. Of course you can buy coins like Ethereum and Litecoin for fiat money but the logical choice for the each newbie should be buying the most popular and easy-to-get crypto. In order to do it you should choose a broker or an exchange, we recommend using Coinbase as it is convenient and reliable but of course not the only one. You can register on their website or download an app on your phone. Then you will see some graphics showing cryptocurrency rate. Tap «Buy» and add your credit/debit card if you want to buy small amount of coins or direct link to your bank account for larger investments (KYC process required). You also have to type your wallet address – your cryptos will be sent there after purchasing. After that you will have only to confirm transaction and you are done!


You can also buy BTC from any other Bitcoin owner – you should just send him/her the required amount of money but we do not recommend anyone to choose this way of getting cryptos since it is much more risky than using the traditional and well-reputed services. Important hint – we always say «to buy Bitcoin» but in fact buying a whole one is quite expensive since it costs thousands of US dollars. People usually buy and transfer small fractions of Bitcoin called «Satoshi». This unit is a hundredth of millionth BTC (0,00000001).

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