Rating System

The main idea behind our project was to make information about ICO start-ups transparent and accessible for everyone. We intended to give ratings by different ICO rating agencies so that the potential investors could compare the marks, evaluate the possible risks and investment attractiveness of the projects and finally decide on what project to invest in.

After performing a deep study of many ICO rating websites and analyzing the information they publish we came up with top 5 sources of information that are reliable and have objective ratings.

These sites are:

  1. icorating.com
  2. foxico.io
  3. icobazaar.com
  4. icobench.com
  5. trackico.io
  6. icomarks.com

These 5 agencies have a considerable amount of projects and analyze many different parameters of each ICO such as:

  • Product, its status, MVP, whitepaper
  • Team members, advisors, mentors and experts
  • Market demand, capitalization, competition and related risks
  • Working business model, its transparency, agreements with investors and licenses
  • Token ecosystem, number of tokens for the team and ESCROW-agent
  • Marketing campaign and its coverage

We also give our own unbiased compound mark that is based on the ones by the top ICO rating agencies. This way the investors observe the summary that can help them see the general picture on a whole new level.

Sometimes we can slightly change this rating if we find some additional information that can give a better understanding of the project and probabilities of its success or fail. For example, we may increase the rating if we see that a project has established partnership with some big players on the market and it is not reflected in any of our primary sources or we can mark a project with a lower score if it suddenly faces charges from authorities.

Every week we review and update our ratings but we also appreciate if projects themselves send us the most up-to-date information since there are too much projects to track and we update premium projects at first instance.

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