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Daily Digest: March 13


Coincheck starts to make refunds. The Japanese exchange that was hacked this January will begin to make compensations to 260,000 its clients who lost their NEM during the attack. The total amount to be refunded is about $420 mln. The exchange is slowly getting back to normal as yesterday it has started trading BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, and ETC.

The next Mt. Gox lawsuit will be in September 2018. Until then, 166 000 BTC of the well-known exchange that went bankrupt after a hacker attack will be frozen and cannot be sold. The sell-off of such amount of BTC will probably negatively affect the rate of the Bitcoin itself as well as other altcoins.


Thomson Reuters will use AI to monitor crypto market. The Canadian media giant announced the launch of its new product – MarketPsych Indices. It will utilize artificial intelligence technologies to study and monitor the way the people feel about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as the general mood on the market. The investors will be able to use the data collected from more than 400 sources by the AI-driven analyzing tool to learn the suitable time for buying or selling cryptos.


Venture funds invested into energy start-ups more than $900 mln in 2017. According to the report by GTM Research nowadays there are more than 120 blockchain projects in the energy industry. The representative of the GTM says that new companies appear almost every week. Since January 2017 about 94 new firms have emerged on the market. It is estimated that between Q2 2017 and Q1 2018 more than $320 mln has been raised. However, not everyone shares this positive attitude towards the crypto and blockchain market. Goldman Sachs says that the Bitcoin price can soon fall to its February minimum of around $6k.


EU won’t ban mining. The previous week the Digital Economy and Society European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel made a statement regarding mining. She said that it is not viewed as an illegal activity, and thus it is not tracked by the EU. The only requirement is that such activity should comply with the standards of energy consumption.


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