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Email as you know it will never be the same

Emmares ratings (Risk): High 4.3 / 5 TBA 4.4 / 5 7.5 / 10 8.1 / 10

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3.9Ratings update: 2018-03-01

Emmares ICO Details [ Pre-Sale ]

Category: Internet & Telecommunications, Media & Communication Country: Belize ICO date: 2018-02-20 / 2018-09-05 Ends In: 136 days Website: Go to Website Bounty program: Link Social networks: Twitter Telegram Facebook Medium Bitcointalk Linkedin Reddit Youtube


Token Symbol: EMA Token Platform: Ethereum Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH Hard Cap: 35,000 ETH Download Whitepaper:

Emmares Project description

Emmares is a platform for e-mail marketers that find people who are certainly interested in their content. The service has anti-spam and quality control so you can subscribe to particular kinds of information sources. Emmares is aimed to change marketing industry, using the newest methods and technologies. E-mail recipients will be granted coins from the reward pool. The project utilizes blockchain-technology, so your personal data is reliably protected. EMA token is based on ERC-20 smart contracts, 1 EMA is $0,12. There will be total 500 million EMA minted. Coins are distributed the following manner: 51% - presale and crowd sales, 23% - new participants, 17% - team and founders, 5% - partners, advisors and ambassadors, 3% pre-token crowdsale contribution, 1% - bounty.


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