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Forever Has Fallen

Forever Has Fallen

Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy; powered by Forever Coin.

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4.3Ratings update: 2018-04-04

Forever Has Fallen ICO Details

Category: Entertainment & Gaming Country: Australia ICO date: 2018-05-08 / TBA Ends In: 47 days Website: Go to Website Bounty program: No bounty Social networks: Twitter Telegram Facebook Medium Bitcointalk Github Reddit Youtube


Token Symbol: FC Token Platform: Ethereum Soft Cap: 2,800 ETH Hard Cap: 38,000 ETH Download Whitepaper:

Forever Has Fallen Project description

Forever Has Fallen is a new type of global entertainment, combining blockbuster storytelling, transmedia gaming and the advantages of blockchain technologies. Players enter an immersive world to hunt for the truth behind a brutal murder and the destruction of a billion dollar start-up, The Forever Social, which generates digital immortality for the masses. The founder and tech genius, Karl-Axel Mattiasson is on the run from authorities and vengeful investors. Players are recruited to help him uncover the truth and, in exchange for completing certain tasks, will be rewarded with Forever Coin.

The team behind the project all have track records in the core disciplines needed to make this a success..., Global expertise in commercialisation, transmedia storytelling, game development and, of course, blockchain. We have a business model and strategy that makes the business globally competitive and scalable, along with a full understanding about the business plan requirements.

The game will create a global community who use the Forever Coin to play the game, make purchases online/offline and fuel a game economy. Smart contracts and blockchain are used to enhance game play, providing verifiable completion of challenges to gain rewards and thanks to the immutable ledger – there can be no cheating!


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